Strategic Selling® with Perspective

Why Strategic Selling?

The sales environment is complex with many moving pieces, many people involved in the sale and typically with complex buying processes. HSP optimized implementations of Strategic Selling with Perspective helps sales reps create strategies to manage and win complex sales opportunities. It also helps the sales organization create a common language and process that enables greater consistency, saves time and generates better, well-thought out and executed opportunity strategies.

We have provided tailored Strategic Selling implementations for many, many years and consider the following to be a best practice implementation:

So what is “Perspective”?

In 2018, Miller Heiman Group updated and rebranded its flagship course, “Strategic Selling” to “Strategic Selling® with Perspective”.

The purpose of the update was to respond to changes in buyer behavior and years of customer feedback.

Perspective is the value brought to the buyer in the forms of insight, data, analysis, opinion and expertise that helps the buyer understand their situation, the various strategic options available to them and support in guiding them to make a well-informed and justified business decision.

The impact of providing perspective is an increased opportunity for the seller to align to how the customer buys, bring more value earlier in the sales cycle, differentiate themselves and improve their chances of winning.

Delivery Options

Instructor-Led Training

Digital Learning Opportunities

Application & Reinforcement



Miller Heiman’s new technology platform SCOUT enables reps to see the move that moves the deal.


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