Sales People Need Customers, Right?

Or maybe it’s the customers who need sales people …
This is an age-old discussion that waffles back and forth with each new approach.  Regardless of what your perspective is, the customer is the one with the money and something they would like to fix, accomplish, or avoid.  The most important part of the discussion is that, as sales people, we have a customer centric or customer focused approach.  This simply means that we do our level best to understand our customers.

  • What makes them tick and what’s important to them?
  • How is their career going and what kind of internal political pressures exist in their job right now?
  • How is the business climate?
  • Is their market expanding or contracting?

Insights like the ones above will not only help you develop a business relationship with your customer, but it also will help position your service or product in such a way that it addresses some of the issues this particular customer is facing.  Some sales people do this already, and some have been taught to have this approach at some point. The best case scenario is when this approach is fully integrated within an organization.

  • Does your organization take this approach?
  • Is it part of marketing and product development?
  • Do the front line managers coach to this kind of behavior?
  • Is it part of your organization’s DNA?

World-Class sales organizations would say “Yes!”

Being customer focused is only one way world-class sales organizations out pace their competitors in the market.  If you would like to learn more about other ways to boost your team’s performance contact me.

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