Sales Execution Solutions

What is it?

Your team will acquire a combination of skills and methods to achieve peak performance. Each of the programs below leads the industry and will be customized for your team, industry, and sales scenarios. You will experience only the best facilitators with relevant industry experience and a history of sales and leadership excellence.


Strategic Selling®

Immediately improve your company’s ability to win complex deals with a consistent approach and sales strategy. Strategic Selling provides proven processes and a common language for consistently winning more deals.

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SPIN Selling Conversations®

Based on a proven approach to deepening sales conversations through advanced questioning skills. The training programs in SPIN Selling provide a comprehensive, structured approach to improving your team’s ability to engage customers with insightful dialogue and plan the best strategy for advancing the sale.

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Conceptual Selling®

Provides you with a customer-focused, collaborative planning process for anyone on your team who interacts with customers. Conceptual Selling sets a framework and methodology for good customer interactions that either move an opportunity forward or improve the relationship.

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Large Account Management Process®

Get your key players on the same page and have them focus collaboratively on goals and objectives. LAMP provides a proven process and structure for sustainable success with key accounts and a customer-focused approach for long-term strategy development.


Professional Selling Skills®

Research-based solutions proven to provide skills to your sales team that will transform them into world-class sales professionals. Professional Selling Skills will get your team geared to deliver high-performance results.

Delivery Options

The most comprehensive learning modalities on the market. Choose one or any combination of all four to shape a cutting-edge learning experience that fits your company, your team, and your culture.

Instructor-Led Options

  • Master Facilitators will come to your event or location and customize the program to your market and your team.
  • Your Training Staff may attend a certification course that will give them all the tools to be the internal expert and implement the chosen solution into your organization.
  • Public Workshops are held throughout the globe and bring people from all different business segments to learn together.
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A high-end digital interface creates an interactive learning environment with animated video scenarios and micro e-learning modules.  Participants will not have to travel and can work at their own pace while maintaining access to the materials for a full year.


You will experience a customized learning hub that incorporates social learning, gamification, and facilitated discussions within your team. Your staff will be able to share experiences and best practices along a fully integrated platform that will seamlessly integrate with your CRM or existing learning platform.

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