Professional Sales Coaching: Workshop Details

Research shows that one of the most critical roles a sales manager plays is in the coaching of the sales team. Even though most sales managers would support this assertion, few would claim they are able to devote enough time to the practice.

Sales coaching is the most direct way to impact sales team performance.  It provides your sales managers and coaches with the framework, communication skills, and planning tools they need to build and maintain a superior sales team—one that generates mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships.  During one of our workshops, sales managers and coaches master a proven process for using collaborative coaching conversations to build a development culture that creates a high-performance sales team that is strategic in selling.
They learn how:
  • To describe the characteristics of a high-performance sales climate.
  • To demonstrate The Basic Principles to increase coaching effectiveness with their sales teams.
  • To evaluate sales performance using the Coaching Issues Diagram.  To apply a set of skill steps for providing constructive feedback, developing others, and giving recognition to increase salesperson performance and drive results. To successfully handle difficult coaching conversations.
  • To use phone, voice mail, e-mail, and real-time messaging to coach salespeople effectively from a distance.
  • To implement a coaching process with the sales team.
Your sales managers will not only create a more positive, motivational work environment, they’ll build a stronger, more profitable sales organization—one that attracts new customers and retains them.

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