Are you satisfied with the accuracy of your sales forecasts?

Do you have good visibility into the quantity or quality of opportunities in earlier stages of the funnel?

Are you satisfied with your ability to identify “at risk” deals early enough to do something about it?

For those at-risk deals, can you accurately and efficiently diagnose how to get them back on track?

Can you quickly identify opportunities that have a low probability of closing with enough confidence that you can withdraw and apply resources elsewhere?

Only Miller Heiman clients are able to implement a comprehensive Sales system that lets them answer yes to these questions. These capabilities are game changers.

Sales Process Funnel provides management for the first time with a simple, accurate tool that gives them a visual window into what is happening in salespeople’s individual funnels. By easily allowing sales managers to inspect what their salespeople are doing, the tool affords managers insight into which opportunities should be further explored and which should be ignored, resulting in an increase in overall funnel accuracy. Sales Process Funnel is imbedded into your organization’s CRM, taking the output from Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling® Funnel Management program.

Sales Process Funnel may be the right solution for your organization if its goal is to:

  • Aid sales managers in becoming more effective at funnel reviews
  • Increase the likelihood that its salespeople will more accurately portray the information in their funnel once they realize their managers are also looking at their funnel
  • Help salespeople perform more successfully in their jobs by focusing them on the selling activities that make the most sense, in the correct amounts
  • Allow organizations to apply data analysis (analytics) to CRM in a meaningful way

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