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How we identify ourselves can have some pretty far-reaching implications. Many of our existing ways of deciding who we are can be based on things that we had very little to do with.  Did you pick where you were born or the family you landed in? Yet these are two of the most impactful details that begin to develop how we identify ourselves.  Our national origin alone can be a very powerful element of someone’s identity.  I recently came back from working with clients in Berlin, Germany.  I have a strong German heritage and this was a special trip because it was the first time I had been there.

National Origin

We all have certain generalizations we make about people based on where they are from and Germany isn’t spared from that.  Along with the connections to great beer and rich food, the German people are often attributed to being intense and less social than some other nationalities. While I did personally witness plenty of great beer and “wunderbar” (pronounced vuunda ba) food. I did also notice that there was less small talk and chit chat going on in public places, and the service professionals did have a succinctness to how they spoke with you, but nothing that could have been seen as unkind.

The time spent with my German client was rewarding in ways that I had not planned on.  Other than the business aspects, it was such a pleasure to meet people from so many diverse nationalities.  The UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, India, and many other countries were represented.  We all represented our own origins, but more than that we represented ourselves.  When we focus on representing ourselves, we have the ability to incorporate the positives and transcend the limitations that our national origin alone brings with it.

Examples of Identifying

Consider some of the aspects we all choose to Identify with.

  • Gender Norms
  • Physical attributes
  • Education and intelligence
  • Religious and spiritual practices
  • Social and political affiliations
  • Hobbies and sports affiliations

These are just the tip of the iceberg and I ask you to explore this idea more fully in my book Discover Your Best Life. You can have the life you want, and exploring the word Identify along with the other 47 I-Words, will move you to consider new areas of your life.  We take a deep dive into each of the I-Words three times throughout the book. You will explore these and many other ideas while embarking on the journey to Discover Your Best Life.

Watch out for future posts that explore the other I-Words. Discover Your Best Life by Mike Hintz available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and Audiobook. Order yours here.


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