IDEAL: Discover Your Best Life

In Discover Your Best Life, I used a framework of I-Words to explore many of the elements of life that propel us forward and hold us back.  This will be the first post that will dive into the words themselves and give you a glimpse of what you can expect when you can embark on the journey yourself.

“The word ideal often conjures up this idea that things are wonderful and pleasing.  It’s not that simple. The word does mean something like that, but for many people the idea of an ideal life, career, and marriage have become something unattainable.”  p. 52 Discover Your Best Life

Our exploration of the concept of IDEAL may take you many places.  It may drive you to question your understanding of the word.  It may also drive you to appreciate the aspects of your life that may not seem ideal but are rewarding and fulfilling.  Consider these potential outcomes from exploring this concept in your own life.

  • Openly consider all of the elements of your life.
  • Explore areas that challenge you concerning “Ideal Image.”
  • Do I compare myself to others?
  • Consider the impact of being defined by others.
  • Can you move beyond car, job, body, and relationship ideal images?

You can have the life you want, and exploring the word Ideal along with the other 47 I-Words, will move you to consider new areas of your life.  We take a deep dive into each of the I-Words three times throughout the book. You will explore these and many other ideas while embarking on the journey to Discover Your Best Life.

Watch out for future posts that explore the other I-Words. Discover Your Best Life by Mike Hintz available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and Audiobook. Order yours here.

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