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Growing Sales

Based on proven methods to deepen sales conversations through advanced questioning skills.  Our training programs provide a comprehensive, structured approach to improving your team’s ability to engage customers with insightful dialogue and plan the best strategy for advancing the sale. We also have programs for customer contacting non-sellers within an organization for mining additional leads and opportunities.

Creating Focused Sales Managers

Advanced coaching methodology that will align your manager’s focus and activities with the sales goals. Aligning your management team with high pay-off activities will ensure that they are connecting with their salespeople on a regular basis and focusing on items that will improve results.

Developing Sales Skills

Research-based solutions proven to provide skills to your sales team that will transform them into world-class sales professionals. World-class selling skills will get your team geared to deliver high-performance .

Developing Leadership and Development Skills

Creating a team of world-class coaches that are empowered and equipped to challenge and facilitate growth within your sales team will unlock many secondary benefits. One of those is reinforcing and driving enablement of the other developmental investments you make. Driving a more formal sales process and more efficient opportunity funnel will benefit from an intentional coaching approach.

Our leadership development includes:

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