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Five Ways To Retain Talent And Grow Sales

Feb 20, 2018

Remember that phone call that ruined your summer? You know the one I’m talking about: when your No. 1 salesperson let you know they were leaving. Thinking back, you did your best to stay out of their way and give them lots of independence. You couldn’t believe they were leaving because making your sales goals …

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Can You Keep Up When Adopting Technology Is No Longer Optional?

Jan 16, 2018

When was the last time you had to accommodate a major change in your life? Perhaps you switched jobs or your partner relocated. You may have decided to add children to your family, or perhaps one of your children is moving out soon. Regardless of the type of change headed your way, psychologists have been …

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Predictive Sales Funnel

Feb 10, 2016

Are you satisfied with the accuracy of your sales forecasts? Do you have good visibility into the quantity on quality of opportunities in earlier stages of the funnel? Are you satisfied with your ability to identify “at risk” deals early enough to do something about it? For those at-risk deals, can you accurately and efficiently …

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Is Social Media Just Another Spinning Plate at Your Company?

Jan 10, 2016

Have you every seen a common act in a circus or vaudeville show called plate spinning?  Clowns or performers keep an incredibly high number of plates spinning on the end of poles. It’s entertaining because it looks like they can keep a high number of plates spinning at one time.  Consider how many companies that use an approach …

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18 Things Strong Businesses Do

Dec 27, 2015

Too many times CEOs and business leaders separate overarching principles of life from how they run their businesses.  I don’t see it that way.  The very same principles we use for personal development and parenting apply directly to how we approach our business lives and working with co-workers.   Refer to the picture above that lists …

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Professional Sales Coaching: Workshop Details

Dec 16, 2015

Research shows that one of the most critical roles a sales manager plays is in the coaching of the sales team. Even though most sales managers would support this assertion, few would claim they are able to devote enough time to the practice. Sales coaching is the most direct way to impact sales team performance.provides …

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Strategic Selling®

Dec 7, 2015

Workshop Information Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales Strategic Selling® helps organizations and individuals develop comprehensive strategies to win sales opportunities. Participants develop action plans to successfully sell solutions that require approval from multiple decision makers in the customer’s organization. Strategic Selling® provides visibility into sales opportunities, documenting plans with the program’s Blue Sheet. This involves …

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CSO Insights 2016 Sales Best Practice Study

Dec 7, 2015

CSO Insights sales Best Practice Study is in full swing.  Don’t miss out on your chance to participate.

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Sales People Need Customers, Right?

Sep 2, 2015

Or maybe it’s the customers who need sales people … This is an age-old discussion that waffles back and forth with each new approach.  Regardless of what your perspective is, the customer is the one with the money and something they would like to fix, accomplish, or avoid.  The most important part of the discussion …

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Executive Level Access is a Game Changer

Aug 31, 2015

When Dorothy finally gets to the Emerald City to ask the wizard about help returning to Kansas, she is told at the front door by the mustachioed doorkeeper that “nobody can see the wizard, not nobody, not no how!” This is often the scenario in our accounts when we try to find the individual with …

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