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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100The mind of the inventor is no doubt a mixture of inspiration and creative resolve with a dash of narcissism here and there. How else could they be so devoted to the creation of their dream at the exclusion of everything else at times. I’m reminded of Thomas Edison and the number of filaments he went through before finding the one that would work in the first light bulb. It takes such a tremendous belief and devotion to be an inventor.

We all have the potential of being inventive, and some of you may have already found that you excel in this area. Inventing isn’t always about creating a new thing or product. Inventiveness is also about being able to think out of the box in your everyday work and life. It’s one of the most important skills for the workforce of tomorrow. Our world is growing and changing so rapidly now, that the companies that will thrive are the ones who create products and solutions at this same break-neck pace. Look at your life, and personality for a moment. What is helping you be inventive and what is hampering it? Stress, anxiety, and concern over the opinion of others are the list toppers for reducing inventiveness, but what are yours? Consider taking active steps to mitigate these factors and put more energy into the things that will boost it, like developing confidence, ensuring you have free time to relax, and hobbies that celebrate things that bring you joy.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100When was the last time that you used your personal and professional abilities to create something entirely new? Today’s fast past evolving technological markets need innovators and creators. Have you figured out how you will be one of them?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Innovation requires us to create new solutions and ideas. How often do you do this? You don’t have to be an inventor to be inventive, which might seem like a contradiction. Put yourself out there. Share your ideas with the people around you. Be willing to be wrong but take part in the discussion. Don’t be a wallflower when the people around you are brainstorming and trouble shooting. I guarantee you will be surprised by how good and inventive your approaches are, especially when you stop second guessing yourself and simply let them flow.

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