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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100This is the heart of personal growth. The ability to look within yourself and be honest with what you see. For those of you who practice this already, you might think it’s rather obvious, but not so fast. I have come to learn that many people practice introspection in an interesting way. There are two forms of introspection that are not beneficial to the direction we are taking together. I’d like to discuss them both and call you to consider your own perspective.

The first kind is the one who judges themselves too harshly based on what they see in the outside world. This kind of introspection has a very loud inner voice and it compares the inside self to the outside world. This harsh and often cruel voice does not build you up, but rather tears you down and saps your strength, passion, and drive to succeed. The second does the opposite but is equally harmful. This opposite type judges the outside world harshly while failing to see any inner areas where you may need to grow. It’s the voice that eternally supports you in your ignorance, bullying, and failures. Growth always requires conflict and stress, but it also requires love and nurturing. A balanced type of introspection will lead to a supportive inner voice, but one that also can be honest when we encounter areas of our personhood that may need to change.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100How have you decided to grow this practice in your own life? How have you taken your own insights and placed action in order to achieve a better life for yourself and the people who are important to you?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100The skill of self-discovery cannot be over emphasized. It’s one of the hallmark indicators of personal and professional fulfillment. It’s the way we ensure we are positioned to adapt and grow with society and the people around us. Deeper and deeper levels of self-awareness ensure that we remain flexible and bend with the stress and turmoil of life. I have encouraged you to tackle this many times so far, but that’s because of its great benefit Again, I will ask you to try this anew. Whether it’s meditation or an intellectually based self-discovery matters not. Try them both, and any other methods you can think of. Do it today. Don’t wait or put it off.

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