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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Whether we call it a byproduct or added benefit, what are the intrinsic parts of you that are included when you are in relationship with other people? Like it or not, it’s just who you are. Of course, you may have already thought about the good things, those are easy, and often fun to consider, but our intrinsic nature always has two sides. A yin and yang of sorts. What is the dark side of this intrinsic nature you have?

One of the things my friends usually learn about me very quickly is that I enjoy people. Not just simply that I am social, but I also enjoy studying and learning about different people. I’m interested in what makes them tick, and what their thought process is. It’s deeper than just being a people person. This can make me a good conversationalist and frequently up for social events. However, the dark side has taken me a long time to identify. I can be quite easily manipulated by the closest people in my life. I am fearful of losing relationships and being without connection. The very thing that drives my personal and professional pursuits, also has an intrinsic dark side that was very hard for me to admit and wrangle with. The importance of learning this other part of your intrinsic nature cannot be understated, and rarely can other people help you find it. It is so deeply personal that it requires your active pursuit.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100It goes without saying for many people that growth comes from challenges.  How often do you seek out challenges that push yourself out of your comfort zone? What kinds of people do you have in your life that help you do this?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100How would you finish this sentence: It goes without saying that I am…? People around me might say things like creative, fun loving, or a risk taker. What would people around you think of you? If you cannot answer this, it’s a great conversation to have with your friends and family. Invite some friends over and talk about with them. I also know my friends and family might say I’m stubborn or curt at times. I can have a short fuse if I’m working on projects and get interrupted. Get some feedback on the intrinsic way you present yourself to the world.

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