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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100I hope you can think of at least one moment in your life when you were fearless. This is the embodiment of being intrepid, when we throw caution to the wind and step onto the road less traveled or fight the bully head-on. We all have differing degrees of personal or professional courage. Even if you only ever had a single moment, I encourage you to think back to it, and savor that feeling of being intrepid in the face of the odds. It can fuel your courage when you need it most.

My husband lost his youngest daughter when she was 19 years old, the day after my birthday, only months after we started dating. I was devastated for him, and at the same time, concerned that our relationship would not make it. We were over 1,900 miles apart at the time, and the long distance was already difficult. Over the ensuing year and a half of our long-distance relationship, I witnessed a man demonstrate such an intrepid spirit about living his life to the fullest. We worked through many things in our numerous phone dates, while making the same meal, and reading the same book or watching the same movie together. He knew that the best way to honor his daughter was to live a happy and fulfilling life, while still remembering their love for each other. The courage to choose happiness is sometimes the hardest choice to make in the face of profound loss.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Even if you don’t see yourself as fearless, what choices have you made in the recent past to tackle your fears head on? Can you see yourself making choices to overcome your fears as you progress toward your best future?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100I don’t think I could say what a healthy level of intimacy is for you. Each person is different and your background has given you a certain comfort level. I am confident in saying that the more comfortable you are sharing close intimate relationships in your personal and professional life, the happier you will be. So many parts of our lives are experienced with other people. Coworkers, family, friends, and significant others, and even casual acquaintances can add purpose and meaning to life’s rhythm. My encouragement on this topic is to simply to stretch yourself. Ask yourself to try something new. Make a new friend or deepen an existing relationship in a way that adds new joy and purpose to your life. Start this today.

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