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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100You may have seen in your hometown, people standing by major highways and busy traffic areas with signs asking for money or food. These have become more common in my hometown in the past several years, and there is chatter about whether they are hoaxes or real people in need. Some people I know have even commented that they make thousands of dollars doing this. Stopping, rolling down my window, and giving them money is one way that I can intervene in someone else’s life, and it’s a relatively easy one.

What is your perspective on intervening in people’s lives, especially people you perceive as being in need? Do you consider it a burden, responsibility, or maybe a privilege? I’ve been at all three of these places in my life. We are human beings and we make snap decisions, and do judge the book by the cover, unfortunately. I don’t give every person in need money. Why not? At my best, I envision intervening on behalf of another person as a privilege that does more for me than them. I am so blessed by life, and when I take the opportunity to share, even a small portion of that, I am made richer every single time. Have I ever been fooled? Yes, I am sure of it, but I am okay with that. It’s worth it to know the numerous times that I may have helped someone in need.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Think back to a time when you can remember intervening on someone else’s behalf. Would you do it again? Would you like to help or aid others more in your future life?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100One of my best memories was helping a friend deal with a bully when I was young. How else can we intervene on behalf of the people around us? We can be available and approachable to listen and give advice when asked. We can help our elderly neighbors with chores and yard work. Donating time for a local charity is a wonderful way to intervene in someone’s life. There are thousands of ways you can share your heart, mind, and work with someone around you. I encourage you to look for ways to intervene as it will change you every time.

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