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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Do you consider yourself a teacher or instructor? If this is your profession, then of course you do, but what follows then will go in a slightly different direction. When we look at how we are instructional to the people around us, much of it takes place without our awareness and is almost always not intentional. What do the people around you learn from knowing and watching you? It’s like asking a parent, what do your kids learn from you that you don’t want them to? Kids always seem to pick up the things we are trying to prevent them from learning faster than the traits we’d like them to actually learn.

Many of the things that were inadvertently passed along to my family were not who I was, but traits and beliefs I adopted to keep everyone from guessing my secret. As I left my old role, and found what my real beliefs were, some of my children chose to stay back and live under those false lessons. It’s for this reason, that I have taken a different perspective on parenting, and tried to change how I interact with my friends and other family. What would happen if you focused more on the unintentional instruction you gave out? What would happen if you lived a fulfilled life that focused on loving those around you and remaining happy?

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100What have you learned from the people around you that you know they did not intend to teach you? Now consider yourself as the teacher. What are you teaching that you would prefer not to?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100I often discuss the value of lifetime learning when I’m working with my coaching clients and sales people. Today it is more important than ever. I would encourage to adopt this perspective in a tangible way. This doesn’t mean you must go back to school, although that’s a great way to adopt this philosophy. You could study something online. People study new languages and cultures all the time. I know friends who travel with the purpose of learning about the people and cultures they visit. The longer I consult and write, the more I learn from each one of my customers and the business climate in which they operate. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming that people who approach life with a priority on an instructional attitude or lifetime learning stay sharper longer. They tend to be more successful, so start something new today.

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