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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100The inertia to maintain the status quo is strong. Whether we discuss business or personal lives, some people look at change as a fearful endeavor. Initiative cannot be overstated as a quality of people who desire to be successful and increase their available options for the future. The status quo is an enemy of growth. Without accruing interest, your money is losing against the forces of inflation. Bed ridden hospital patients who do not move their limbs lose large amounts of muscle mass and flexibility each day.

I’ve always considered myself a person with plenty of initiative. I’ve worked in a home office for the past twenty years without anyone watching over my productivity or punching a timeclock. I worked full time and earned my Associates, then Bachelors, and most recently my Master’s Degree. Even with this personal drive, I have experienced moments in my life where I have been struck with a profound lack of initiative. After being discharged from hospital rehab following my car accident, I had five months at home with nothing but time. I thought I would read, write, and do work on my computer. Sadly, I did none of that, and subsequently lost five months where I struggled to even get out of bed and spend time with my two young daughters. How do you feel about your level of initiative now and in the past?

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Getting out and doing things or being self-motivated is one of the more important qualities when pursuing your dreams. How do you pick yourself up and get working when life gets hard? Are you satisfied with your ability to motivate yourself?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Is there any other character trait that is associated with getting things done much as initiative? I don’t think so. In all my travels and exposure to different industries and professional levels, initiative is a direct indicator of our ability to accomplish things. Being thoughtful and thorough is important, but not at the cost of initiative. Being self-motivated and willing to start new projects is key. How can you push yourself today to have a deeper commitment to demonstrating initiative? We have already discussed several of the things that get in the way, like perfectionism, fear of failure, and avoidance of risk. Push yourself today. You will never know what your limits are until you fail and decide to keep trying.

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