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Nurture versus nature, this debate has been going on for many years. Are we a product of our genetics or our surroundings? Science has just recently mapped the entire human genome and we cannot fully appreciate all of future implications. Diseases will be eradicated, and genetic lineages will be identified, and lost relatives could be reunited. We inherit other things besides our genetics. Some are beneficial and others are not. It’s essential to understand what you’ve taken with you from the ones who came before you.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Are you making the most of your genetic bag of tricks? Have you made peace with your family struggles?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Our biological heritage is part of the equation that makes up who we are. Some of us may be running from the past, and others are eager to embrace it. We also embrace many other things from our family besides genetics. Today I would encourage you to make peace with your heritage in a new way. Perhaps it’s coming to terms with a painful past, or it could be celebrating a lost relationship you cherished. I have learned that the parts of heritage that we avoid are often the ones that affect us the most. It’s strange that way. What will you incorporate that you’ve been avoiding?

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