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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Movies, literature, and business all celebrate the indomitable spirit of the underdog. It’s a powerful anthem that many people remember when struggling in their own personal and professional lives. How do you tap into the part of you that simply refuses to give up in the face of opposition? What image speaks to you? Is it the story of Apple and how they fought against IBM in the early days, or is it Billy Elliot’s story of an unlikely UK ballet dancer? This metaphor is so strong that there are thousands of illustrations I could reference.

More importantly, what is your story of the indomitable spirit of being an underdog? Mine is based on my near fatal car crash in the winter of 1994. After a head on collision with a large SUV on a snow-covered road, I spent three weeks in the hospital. This was followed by a month of rehab and four months of physical therapy at home to be able to walk with a cane. My right side was crushed with several internal injuries. Nearly twenty-five years later, my artificial hip and over ten surgeries remind me of how fragile life is. They also remind me that I did bounce back, and I am planning on a rewarding life. My indomitable spirit is found every time I think about how close I came to leaving this planet that day.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100How do you refuse to fail even when the odds are against you? When obstacles are mounting, what are the actions you take to reach deeper within yourself to push harder?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Do you know what your limits are? How much have you been tested? For me, it was Army Basic Training and surviving a life-threatening car accident. Some of you may not have had a limit defining moment yet, but many of us do. There is a peculiar connection to these kinds of moments and our depth of personal belief in our indomitable spirit. If you’ve experienced yours, then find some way to mark the moment and its impact. Mine is including it in this book, but what will yours be? Perhaps you will write about it as well. Social media or a blog are also great options. I would never wish an accident on anyone, there are many more productive ways to test your limits. Lots of people push themselves physically, mentally, and creatively to find the edges of their own indomitable spirit. If you haven’t found yours yet, do it soon.

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