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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100We all have a different idea of what being independent is. What if it were a scale from zero to ten? Where would you be? There is not an ideal level of independence for anyone. It’s a matter of what you want your life to look like and are you able to achieve it. For instance, performing on Broadway will be a problem if you’re not comfortable moving away from home and taking public transit. Your level of independence would seem to be getting in the way of your dreams and goals.

Moving to a big city is certainly not the only way that our level of independence can be illustrated. It’s subtler than that. How comfortable are you with deciding completely on your own? I know many people that struggle with this aspect of independence. It’s not the same as getting advice and input for an important choice you must make. Don’t you know people who are constantly looking for reassurance with the decisions in their daily life? I know them too, and sometimes I want to get their attention and force them to make a choice all on their own. At the core of being an individual is the ability to express your choice and speak up for yourself. People might disagree with you, and you won’t always choose correctly, but we must not rob ourselves of this important step towards independence.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Are you comfortable with your level of independence? If you desire a different level, what are you doing to challenge yourself to meet your goals?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100I know lots of people that are lone wolfs and those who dislike working on projects without the support and comradery of a team. Where do you fall on the spectrum of isolation or support? It’s difficult to declare one extreme as better than the other. In truth, it’s the combination of the two that creates more success in my experience. If we never venture out on our own, our success will be limited in some ways. Being able to forge ahead in the face of opposition and conflict is an important aspect of successful innovators. They are often the first ones to see a potential solution and may need to go it alone before others join them. Find something that you can tackle on your own this year and make it happen.

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