Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100So much of our adult energy in the western world is spent earning an income. Our options are changing and expanding quickly, but the dynamics around the place money has in our life will likely not change. Is wealth bad or is poverty worse? What about the person who spends 70 hours a week working? What kind of income does one need to be happy? Is income expressed in money or what else can we consider it to be? I can’t explore this important topic on this one page, but I can help to pry open this Pandora’s box for you.

I see my income as more of the trade required in life. Sometimes I have more and sometimes I have less. It’s not about the money for me, but the life that can be purchased with it. What kind of memories can I create with my spouse and children? What will I be able to do with my grandchildren when they grow up? Who am I able to help and why? These questions don’t always need more money. Perhaps we need less money, but more time or freedom. Perhaps less spending or a smaller home is the answer for some people. Income is not about money, but rather about memories and experiences that create your life.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Are your growth actions centered around growing your income and financial success? What other changes could happen that would improve your financial situation?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100When was the last time you took a close look at your income, retirement plan, and debts? I would recommend this be an annual exercise if not twice a year.  Even if you are early in your job and career, it’s never too late to start investing for your future. Set a time and review your financial health with your significant other. If you don’t like how things are looking, then come up with a plan to turn them around. It’s generally a good idea to avoid debt whenever possible and invest in your retirement as much and as early as you can. This philosophy has served me well throughout my life, even with its twist and turns.

This blog is part of a series from the book Discover Your Best Life by Mike Hintz.  His personal, professional, and spiritual growth tools are also featured in Northlink Retreats.  If this topic resonates with you consider reading the book or attending one of the upcoming retreats.

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