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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Most super heroes are incognito most of the time. Clark Kent didn’t want the people of Metropolis to know he was Superman. Wonder Woman was the same way. The writers who create these characters almost always choose to hide who they are under a facade or veneer of reality. This is the heart of being incognito in your own life. We hide things about ourselves, even from ourselves sometimes. It’s amazing how effectively the human mind can do this. Most everyone hides parts of themselves in much less obvious ways than I did, but eventually things find a way to come to the surface.

One of my friends in high school was unfortunately taken advantage of by a boy in our band room. She told me the story many years after the fact while visiting. I remembered the day she spoke of well. We had a great lunch and it seemed like the 30 years since high school had vanished as we discussed the places and people involved. I knew it was important to talk about this, but more so for her to be less incognito in her own life. Even after we all have come to terms with the good and bad in our life experiences, sharing them helps to keep us from pretending we are super heroes with superhuman qualities, and merely hiding behind our masks.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100What are you afraid of talking about with the people closest to you? Keeping things to our self does not make us stronger and has the potential to become our Achilles Heel.

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100We all hold parts of ourselves back from public view. In today’s world of growing social media platforms, it has become less and less optional for the best and the brightest to not have a public presence. If you haven’t set up a LinkedIn or Twitter page, set one up today. Perhaps you may even work with a consultant or expert to assist you in developing a well thought out page. These platforms are not just for young people and business owners. They have become an essential part of the professional network and if you’re incognito, no one will find you.

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