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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Even the quietest shy people make an impact every day. We watch them and think about their thoughts and actions. I’ve known friends who desperately try not to make an impact on anyone else, in an almost rebellious “the world can’t make me” way. Guess what? They still do. Just think for a moment about the people that have made an impact on you? Was it intentional or accidental and positive or negative?  We assume that it’s only the teachers, pastors, coaches, and parents that help to impact our lives, but it is so much bigger than that. In my experience, the most profound impacts are much less intentional, and almost accidental.

Last October a family of four and their dog took over our basement. Literally on their last few dimes, I saw no other option than to ask them to come stay with my husband and me. The next 10 months were stressful in ways I could not have anticipated, and beautifully impactful in ways I will still be unpacking for years to come. Watching their grace and love under immense pressure, renewed my faith in the love between spouses. We shared meals, holidays, and quiet chats over cheap, boxed wine, and it was a slice of paradise. They are eternally thankful for our hospitality, but we had been blessed so much in the sharing of our lives and the building of relationships that will last a lifetime. They made a lasting impact on me.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100What positive improvement in the lives of the people around you will you make on your path to growth?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Consider how you impact the people around you. Is it in the way you choose to impact them? Or like many of us, are there ways you impact people that you would like to change? Find one of those less than fabulous ways and do two things with it. First, stop it. Using our process for personal growth, eliminate that negative behavior from your personal profile. Secondly, find a way to turn that old trait into a positive way to impact people around you. In my former life, I hid behind a veil of social intolerance, but now I actively teach others about the value of social openness which hopefully reduces the collective burden on people who are victimized by intolerance overall.

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