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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Steadfast and dependable could easily be considered desirable qualities, but in our changing world the unwillingness to move is probably not. Immovability is clearly a two-sided coin that may be more of a collector’s item than modern day currency. Mobility is important to the people that are trying to adapt and become successful in our changing world. This also includes the motion of our thoughts, feelings, and opinions. How immovable are your thoughts and opinions? Do you listen and learn or do you tolerate and tell?

Whether it’s race relations, gender equity, class warfare, or white privilege our modern era is going to wrestle with some of the most foundational issues that have faced humanity in a long time. I have no doubt that our world will be drastically different in 25 years. Some people will move with the tides of change and some people are immovable and will stand their ground as a reminder of the days of the past. Like it or not that fact is true. Clearly, I have a more progressive approach, but my role is not to convince you of the ‘right’ choice, for that is your call alone. I want to raise the discussion and invite you to consider your approach more intentionally.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100How do you handle large obstacles in your path? Can you strategize a way around them or does it look like failure to you when things appear difficult?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Find someone who has strong feelings about an issue like you but disagrees with you. Perhaps it’s race relations, or gender equality. Learn about the foundations of their beliefs even if you disagree with them. Learn about the course of life that has lead them to their current strong beliefs. Perhaps you will decide one of the issues you have been immoveable on is more flexible than you thought. This is not an opportunity for you to try and change this other person’s mind or sell them on why you are right. It’s a chance for you to learn. My experience has taught me that people need to learn their own lessons and it’s not my role to actively change their mind. I can only change my mind.

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