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Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100What does being an immigrant mean to you? Our modern world is filled with contradictory messages about the journey people make when moving to a new country. The United States is clearly comprised of a population with strong ancestral ties to other parts of the world, and the globalization of our planet is pointing to a more homogenized population. What does it take to be an immigrant?

My first wife’s family emigrated from Poland around WWII and I heard several stories of how this took place during a time when it was difficult to leave the country. Her mother was nearly recruited by the Nazi’s and needed to bribe officials to leave without her children. She married an American, and then could bring her children and family over many years later. It’s incredibly hard to leave your homeland and many times in arduous conditions.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Will you embark on a journey if it takes you to a new country or industry? How comfortable are you in environments that are foreign to you?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100What group of people push your buttons? Perhaps every kind of immigrant rubs you the wrong way. Choose a group of people that you just cannot relate to and spend the day with them in some way. Perhaps it’s a local festival you can attend or it’s a friend of a friend you know. I am suggesting that you purposely challenge yourself to spend time with people that seem strange or off to you. If your experience is like mine, every time I’ve done this, I have come out a changed person in some way. This also builds your ability to push your boundaries in other areas, preventing you from getting set in your ways and inflexible.

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