Insight Blog Topic Image 100 x 100The word ideal often conjures up this idea that things are wonderful and pleasing. It’s not that simple. The word does mean something like that, but for many people the idea of an ideal life, career, and marriage have become something unattainable. All too often, we can become infatuated with the ideal image of something and lose sight of what it is. Parents do this all the time with their children. They focus on ways they can improve and grow to such an extent that they miss out on enjoying who they are.

Take a moment and think about yourself. Do you have areas that you wish were in an ideal state right now? Do you ever visit some of your childhood or past that you wish was different? Do you struggle with perfectionism? Perfect or Ideal is not a healthy state. It is impossible to attain and creates a never-ending loop of fear, risk, and retreat.

Action Blog Topic Image 100 x 100Will you be able to ditch perfectionism and choose new actions without knowing the outcome? Does your future seem out of reach and you’re finding it hard to act to get there?

Metaphors Blog Topic Image 100 x 100If you need to challenge your ideal perspectives, then failing is the best way to do that. Choose something you have very little skill at and would be considered a novice. Undertake a project and share the outcome or results with your work associates. It would be a further development option if you choose to limit the amount of time you spend fine tuning your work. Be satisfied with your outcome at the limited time point. By challenging and reigning in your attachment to the Ideal world, you will probably be surprised by how effective you are with a limited amount of time. The increase in productivity and confidence also tends to help battle our fear of failure and risk.

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