Case Study - Afni


Afni, Inc.


Recruit the full organization into the sales engine

Training Population

All sales support departments


ILT Workshop in Bloomington, IN and Tucson, AZ


Shortened sales cycle, Better qualified leads, Increased engagement of full organization, Revitalize desire for knowledge and training, Immediate access to deal worth 2M dollars

Use the Power of Every Team Member to Create Organic Growth

Recruit Non-Sellers

Sarah and her President, Ron had already benefited from the strong growth created from the existing sales team, but they were looking for more. That’s what caused Sarah to reach out to Northlink Consulting’s, Mike Hintz to strategize and develop a custom solution that would bring in the power of all of of the Afni team members. She knew that the team at Northlink had a proven track record in driving sales through creative and engaging workshops. Ron was forecasting aggressive growth for 2020 which required them to break into new markets and find new customers.

Increasing Afni Sales Radar

Mike and the team at Northlink customized the Sales Radar program for Afni. This program is designed to recruit and engage all of the non sellers in an organization to be part of the lead generation engine. Showing them the power that each of them has with their existing networks and giving them proven strategies to grow and extend into specific business areas. The workshops held at both Afni locations increased leads immediately. This helped to engage everyone who attended to be part of the sales success of the company in 2020 and the long term future.